Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Kid's Christmas Program

All three kids were in the Christmas Program at our church.  Layton had a speaking part this year and he was a shepherd.  Molly was an angel and Parker was a sheep.  It was very entertaining.  Parker discovered early into the program that he was on the big screen and then kept turning around making faces so he could see himself on the big screen.  At one point he fell off the risers but thankfully was okay.  Layton played his character perfectly and he had everyone laughing.  This is truly what Christmas is all about. 

Family Pics 2016

Juli and her sister Haley were so sweet to take a few pics of our family in Gruene one Sunday evening.  We had a fun night hanging out and eating at the Gristmill with everyone.  It was a little crazy with all 8 kids but we had fun!!!

November Wrap up

 Colby came with us one day after BSF and we had lunch at Chick Fil A before heading home to play.  These two boys are so funny.
 Clifton got to go to the Turkey Dinner at Layton's school.
 Molly always has her babies close by she is going to make a great Mommy some day :)
 This was Thanksgiving at DD's house
 The kids had fun decorating the tree this year.

 Love that they got into helping decorate this year.

Thanksgiving 2016

All of my family came into town for Thanksgiving for a few days and we had the absolute best time.  So many wonderful memories made I was sad to see it end.  Daniel, Lauren and the kids stayed with us because my parents house was pretty full now that our family has grown.  I haven't laughed that much in a long time.  We even did some black Friday shopping and got a lot of the cousins presents.